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From our nautical base, you can take a stand-up paddle or kayak for a variety of excursions. They allow you to discover our magnificent shores, the canals of Yverdon or to navigate in front of Grandson Castle.

ATTENTION : you are navigating close to the Grande Cariçaie nature reserve, and there are not allowed zones marked by yellow buoys. What's more, when not marked out, you must keep a distance of at least 25 meters from fields of reeds, rushes or water lilies.

Route 1 : along the Grande Cariçaie to Yvonand and back.
Distance : 11 km
Description : Paddle along the Grande Cariçaie to Yvonand and observe the birds and fish in the nature reserve along the way.
Tips : Take a pair of binoculars, swim at Camping VD 8.

Route 2 : Thièle Canal and return
Distance : 5 km
Description : Navigate on the Thièle canal to the town center and back, and discover part of Yverdon by river.
Tips : Keep to the side of the canal so as not to obstruct boat traffic, and don't stop at the landing stage.

Route 3 : Grandson and back
Distance : 7 km
Description : Paddle along the banks to Grandson, watching the birds of the nature reserve and the fish along the way. A unique view of the Jura, Grandon and its castle. Return by the middle of the lake or by the same route.